Several years ago, I had a vivid dream about a white wolf. I awakened from the dream feeling excited about what I had seen and wanting to know more about its meaning. Read more…

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Small, Beautiful Things #2
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I’m back at my mother’s black pot on my table A vase ? An urn? (Must an urn have a lid?) This worn black vessel has no lid It looks sturdy And, to me, sweet at the same time With … Read More

Small, Beautiful Things #1
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Have you ever shopped for groceries on Sunday evening around 6:00? And how was that? Crowded, crazy with people maybe getting food for a late Sunday dinner or maybe getting ready for the week ahead—or both. Did you like it? … Read More

Write One More Thing #5
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You may think that you need to find an answer in order to have peace of mind. But if you choose peace of mind now, you will have an answer. On a path of growth, we don’t get rid of chaos. … Read More