Several years ago, I had a vivid dream about a white wolf. I awakened from the dream feeling excited about what I had seen and wanting to know more about its meaning. Read more…

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Finding the Light
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I have been struggling to write this on time for it to post on its scheduled date of December 1. I have made a few starts on paper that seem to go nowhere and a few more going on in … Read More

You say grace before meals
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You say grace before meals. All right. But I say grace before the play and the opera, And grace before the concert and pantomime, And grace before I open a book, And grace before sketching                 and painting, Swimming, fencing, … Read More

… wanting to bake a pie
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Yesterday as I walked through the living room, I passed the bowl of apples on the small round side table next to my chair. I caught the scent of the apples, Granny Smiths and Lady Pinks, which sometimes happens, and … Read More