Several years ago, I had a vivid dream about a white wolf. I awakened from the dream feeling excited about what I had seen and wanting to know more about its meaning. Read more…

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Four Quotes by Rumi
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February, often thought of as the month for love, seems like a good time for some Rumi quotes. You might give yourself the gift of each quote by taking the time to sink into it as you read, or giving … Read More

Recalibration 3: Moving Further into Love
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I have considered and wondered and written about love for most of my life, I think. The first love I consciously thought about was romantic, which to me meant sacrifice and loss as the movies from the post-World War II … Read More

Recalibration 2
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Eyes still closed Barely re-entering awareness from a nap I am floating up More like surfacing Slowly From the deep deep Wondering in a mere moment or two Whether to continue up To full consciousness Or to let go more … Read More